Data Template Generation/Scaffold within the Application for the User

Does anyone know of any libraries or how I might generate data based on user preferences or user roles when they sign up? If not a library, how might the design pattern look for this kind of effort? For example, the user will be able to select from a series of templates after sign up which will generate the data and attach it to their profile. The templates will need to be stored in the database as will the end result generated data.

I feel like ExMachina might be a great starting point where it could generate the new data sets based on a factory. Am I going down the right path here?

Another Example might include if the User was going to select their type of vehicle. The user might select the Sedan Template which includes 4 doors, 4 wheels, and some sub-properties, etc. A different user might slick Coupe, which would give the user a vehicle with 2 doors, 4 wheels and some different sub-properties.

ExMahina seems like the right choice although I want to be able to customize each template based on data within the database. The end result would allow admins to modify the template within the application without having to change application code. I’m not exactly sure how I would do that in ExMachina. Any Ideas?

I’m not really grokking what you are trying to accomplish, can you give some code examples maybe? :slight_smile: