Dave Thomas & Reducers & State Machines

I could listen to Dave Thomas all night.

Anyone seen his talk about ‘reducers’ and state machines?


This is nothing new - and when he reads Graham Hutton’s paper on the universality of fold, his mind will be truly blown…

However! I really like the new spin he puts on a reduce function’s syntax.

Dave Thomas is like a wiley old novelist in a community of stodgey engineers.

We need more imagination : )


I don’t think his intent was to make anything “new”, I think the real intent is to provide a tool to bridge the gap to complex functional pattern matching for people that haven’t had the theoretical exposure to state machines.

The most impressive thing in diet is the tracing/debugging of the state machine. That seems like at least a very powerful teaching tool.


Agreed - I think the invariant idea could be taken further with some sort of simple Quickcheck style testing also…

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I was there for his Saturday class on Idiomatic Elixir. It’s nice to hear someone talk about the things that are important to me (pair programming, clean and readable code, single purpose principle) without being an evangelizing prick about it. Really enjoyed the class a lot.

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Ha, agreed. Lotsa tech tartness out there without much social savvy

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