Deploying Elixir applications with WeDeploy

Hi there, I’ve been working on supporting elixir/plug/phoenix applications on

It creates a Docker wrapper around your application and helps you to scale it.

It has a concept of project that gives the developer a lot of functionalities out of the box:

  • Projects with multiple service.
  • Service with Dockerfile support (install a service by adding a Dockerfile).
  • Each project has its own private network, so all the services can communicate with each other internally by making a request to the service name.
  • Shell support for the container.
  • Custom domains.
  • SSL for all the domains.

And many other functionalities.

The project has free plans, so you can actually start developing/testing right away.

Here are 2 examples:

It has a deploy button and can recognize most of the projects without major configuration.

OBS, you can deploy any service that works with docker by using a Dockerfile or service image.

If you want to try it and have any question, let me know!


Great work!!
Looks like more easier than heroku to deploy.
I hope to try it soon.

About WeDeploy, how work the Free plan, the instances keep live forever or has a limit?
What are the WeDeploy advantages?(compared to heroku, for ex)

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As now, we don’t put the instances to sleep. You can have multiple services in the same project with private network. You can deploy any docker as a service in a project. And many other features that you can play with.

We also offer volumes, so you are able to keep the data saved when you re-deploy your application.

We provide some services that may help with development, such as Oauth2 service/email, etc… And we just launched a Shell feature, where you can figure out stuff inside your container.

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Just added a simple tutorial with Plug

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