Developers using Twitter

Hmm, I didn’t see any such encouragement on the page?

People still use twitter? o.O
I thought that horrid interface mostly died a while back… ^.^;
Twitter was so exceptionally hard to consume, I don’t get how people could use it…


Well, there is a “tweet” button at the end of the post.

I do use Twitter. A lot. I follow tweets with hashtags such as #myelixirstatus, #elixirlang, #erlang. It is the best social network, which amounts to saying that it the tallest of the seven dwarfs.

There is a paper from 2014 that covers how software developers use Twitter and why some don’t use it

Even José Valim is back on Twitter!

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Hmm… I don’t see it? Oh wait, I had it blocked, lol… ^.^;

What defines ‘best’ though? The conversations are an absolute pain to follow, the interface is a whitespace mess that involves scrolling many pages just to read a few lines of a continued conversation, the page lags horribly, the page jumps around all crazy for like 10 seconds while it loads everything so clicking can get you something you didn’t intend, some posts in a ‘thread’ are absolutely giant text where most is just kind of large, none of it is comfortable reading size, all of the text content is way crazy short without anything of real meaning, and this is all what I just experienced by opening josevalim’s url you posted and clicking a random thread… ^.^;

And loading my twitter front-page is just pure noise, like what the heck is this second post from the top, how do I unsubscribe from thus utter nonsense, and why when I click to play the video does it freeze the entire page for about 6 seconds before playing (and I couldn’t even tell what information the video was trying to give, it seems like more nonsense?)… Facebook is similarly horrible, like 90% of the posts are absolute garbage that I don’t want and try to either unsubscribe from or mark as spam but it just-keeps-coming… Thankfully facebook doesn’t jump around content on the page while loading, but it does still freeze on occasion. Now Google+ was an awesome interface, it loaded instantly, no page jumping, no lag, the posts are full of content that is actually more than just 30 measly words and the post content is actually rich and well formatted (at least for the people that I follow), and there is no garbage posts that facebook and twitter are absolutely chock-full of that you can’t unsubscribe from and/or just stop in any way, as well as the whitespace is actually effective and not overwhelming, it uses the entire width of my screen (facebook and twitter are absolutely horrible at that) yet keeps each post at a good width, I can scan quickly, access a post contents quickly, and even playing a video is not lagging. Reddit is kind of a middle ground but I swear it’s getting a lot worse the past few months in terms of quality of top posts (have a lot of low up-voted posts appearing on the frontpage the last few months, it’s really weird and been pushing me away…). (EDIT: All of the above was typed while actually testing each service, I brought up twitter, facebook, reddit, and google+ all logged in with my accounts)

But yeah, for me to be able to use such a social network it has to have a good interface first-and-foremost. Even if someone posts fantastic content (not possible on twitter apparently, I’ve been scrolling for a few hundred posts now and the longest post seems to be about 40 words, and nothing has any reasonable content whatsoever) if the interface is abhorrent and painful to read then I can’t concentrate on the content itself and I just won’t remember it…


Reading! ^.^

EDIT: Trying to find a good CLI interface for twitter, but it looks like some streaming api that twitter had and then deleted a year ago basically killed all of them off unless you poll it repeatedly… That just further reinforces my idea that twitter is dying… Unless anyone knows one that works? It looks like rainbowstream was the most popular but I get errors from it due to lack of the streaming api?

EDIT: A lot of libraries for interacting with twitter though from the shell, could write a readline wrapper around them to make a fairly decent CLI overall via polling, but looking at twitter ratelimits it looks like they want to make you pay, a rather surprisingly large amount at that… When did twitter start requiring money? o.O

EDIT: Ooo wow people are angry at them, and twitterdevs haven’t seem to have posted anything that tells them how to work around the issue twitterdevs caused. ^.^;

EDIT: Whoops, ratelimit-blocked myself indeed, that didn’t take much at all… >.> Yeah I’m not sure a twitter cli client is possible anymore without a really slow refresh period and purposefully slowing the interface to not hit the limits. If they aren’t going to make a decent cli client then why did they block the ability for others to make cli clients… Yeah back off twitter for me I do think. ^.^;


To be fair, I am only partially back as I am just using it to announce the live streams. In fact, I use to schedule the tweets and I rarely log in to Twitter itself. So if you quote me, I mostly likely won’t see it. :slight_smile: Twitter is a horrible platform for discussions and I want to avoid the temptation of engaging in discussions there.


Continuing the discussion from Developers using Twitter:

Huh? Why is replying making a new topic? o.O
It’s not closed or anything… Discourse bug?

What have you thought of buffer? It was one of the ones I looked at a while back to broadcast updates of certain things but eventually ended up not using it because of a couple reasons, the big one being that it couldn’t “pull” from G+ to the others (admittedly G+'s API was a bit wibbly wobbly), so I ended up going with another.

The big thing I was trying at the time was just broadcasting updates of certain things, fairly simple overall.

Heh, yeah that keeps being my issue, and the fact my feed gets chock-full of what I’ve just found out is called “Promoted Posts” of things that I extremely don’t care to see in my threads, that and the poor discussion interface was never conducive to a good conversation there (I even find the default Discourse theme’s to have way too much whitespace as well, but eh, it lags less).

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I use it only to schedule tweets and it is perfect for that. So if I know I will live stream, I just schedule two or three tweets and that’s it. I can’t speak for anything more than that. :slight_smile:

Heh, if you use OBS to livestream I bet you could hit their API when your stream starts automatically to auto-post it. ^.^

Could be an accidental keyboard shortcut?

I’ll merge the threads :003:

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Nope, was in wrong category and is now fixed by @AstonJ, we can now talk again! ^.^

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