Dializer can't find Elixir.Ecto.Chanteset.t type (was a typo)

After running mix dializer (I’m using dialyxir) I get the following output

Compiling 1 file (.ex)
Checking PLT...
[:asn1, :cache, :certifi, :combine, :compiler, :connection, :cowboy,
 :cowlib, :crypto, :db_connection, :decimal, :ecto, :eex, :elixir, :file_system,
 :gettext, :hackney, :httpoison, :idna, :kernel, :logger, ...]
PLT is up to date!
Starting Dialyzer
dialyzer args: [check_plt: false,
 init_plt: '.../_build/dev/dialyxir_erlang-20.1.2_elixir-1.5.2_deps-dev.plt',
 files_rec: [...],
 warnings: [:unknown]]
done in 0m4.33s
:0: Unknown type 'Elixir.Ecto.Chanteset':t/0

I wonder if I need to add something else for dializer to find Elixir.Ecto.Chanteset.t?

I use it in specs like this

@spec create_user(map) :: {:ok, User.t} | {:error, Ecto.Chanteset.t}

EDIT: Oops, it was a typo. Ecto.Chanteset.t -> Ecto.Changeset.t