Dialyxir - Recent Updates and Request for Feedback

Hi @jeremyjh, can you help us at this topic?

@hazardfn - I pushed version 0.4.1 of Dialyxir which has a fix for this. The mix dialyzer task can now be run outside of a mix project directory - in this case it will build the core PLTs and exit.


@jeremyjh Thanks for the heads up, we are looking at upgrading it now because we desperately need the --halt-exit-status option, this will make the transition much easier :stuck_out_tongue:.

Hey @jeremyjh - just wanted to drop a quick kudos :thumbsup: Great progress on dialyxir, I remember trying it about a year ago (granted, with a bigger application) and it was rather confusing and seemed pretty hard overall. Right now especially the docs are way better, thank you got started right away and works like a charm! :slight_smile: