Different plugs in Absinthe

In Phoenix router i can define different pipelines with some plugs and appoint one separated pipeline to some requests.
But what about Absinthe schema? I need to use Middlewares for that?

If you go here https://hexdocs.pm/absinthe/overview.html you will understand better what absinthe does but basically absinthe uses a context and middleware to change the data before it is used.

as i understood, I can make only one context(which is actually a Plug) for whole schema. But i want different contexts like that for each field of schema. So in this way need i a middleware?

Yes, start here https://hexdocs.pm/absinthe/middleware-and-plugins.html#create-a-middleware

Also can describe your requirements?

Schema example and what you wnat to do?, it will be easier for me and others to offer help then.