Different schema_or_source definitions from Ecto.Repo and Ecto.Multi

Hello, looking at Ecto.Repo.insert_all documentation the typespec is:

  @callback insert_all(
              schema_or_source :: binary | {binary, module} | module,
              entries :: [map | [{atom, term | Ecto.Query.t}]],
              opts :: Keyword.t()
            ) :: {integer, nil | [term]}

Specifically the schema_or_source can be a binary, a module or a {binary, module}.

Now, looking at Ecto.Multi.insert_all documentation, the typespec is:

@typep schema_or_source :: binary | {binary | nil, binary} | atom

@spec insert_all(t, name, schema_or_source, [map | Keyword.t], Keyword.t) :: t

So, why is schema_or_source different from Ecto.Repo and Ecto.Multi insert_all?

Normally I use with Ecto.Repo the format {"table_name", Table.Module}, but it seems that this is not supported by the typespec when using Ecto.Multi, what is the alternative then?