Discounts for PragDave course?

I am trying to improve my Elixir skills and I am interested in PragDave’s course:

However, his course, currently at 30$ is a little too expensive for me.
Do we have any discounts for this?

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That is the special discount I organised for us all :003:

The usual price was $60 (that’s what I paid :lol:)

It’s a steal at $30 imo - check out the reviews in its thread: Elixir for Programmers (PragDave) (Currently on offer for $30!)


Have you completed it?
What is your opinion?

I loved it! :003:

The main reason I am quite reluctant into buying his course is because none of his ideas gained traction. I am talking about his opinions about components, libraries and even Noddy.

All seemed good ideas overall, but after spending hours reading community feedback they just don’t hold. And this is what scares me - to invest a significant amount of money (from my end) into a course that looks amazing but that ends up like the rest of his ideas when exposed to the blight of the real world - dead…

I’d especially be curious how it compares to Elixir in Action. I’ve bought the course quite late and found that I knew most of the stuff when glancing through the topics, which is why I would be curious if someone can properly compare both. Maybe I’ve missed the interesting bits.

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Elixir in Action is not a book that concerns itself with project structure, architecture or even testing. It does a very poor job regarding these points, but that’s mainly because the author decided to focus his attention on other areas.

I have the feeling, from the reviews, that Dave’s course makes an attempt at focusing in these aspects. My hope is that by taking both courses, I can complement my knowledge.

Then there is also the fact that the author of EIA is very active in the community - something I am not sure I can tell about Dave. To me, this is a plus worth considering.

I took Dave’s course and enjoyed it. He’s a good teacher with a witty sense of humor. However, I noticed you already read Elixir in Action, and are reading “FWD with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix”. If money is an issue, I wouldn’t purchase Dave’s course. It is targeted to developers who know other languages and want to learn Elixir. You probably already know more than 80% of the material.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing new in the course. He is the only one I know (so far) who while discussing Phoenix Umbrella Apps says “Why bother with umbrella apps when you can separate your business concerns under real Elixir apps from the beginning?”

Again, I like his ideas, but like any other ideas I keep them as part of my toolbox. If I think one of those ideas fit the problem at hand, I’m happy I know about it and implement it.

Hope that helps


It’s quite different to EIA - EIA is a book about the language (and OTP etc), whereas Dave’s course is more about putting the language in action by building an app… and in his unique way.

I’ve actually been pestering @sasajuric to do a video course as I’d love to see how more experienced people like him, José and Chris use Elixir and Phoenix. The great thing is that Elixir is so flexible that it can be used in various ways. Three of the most interesting methods (to me anyway) seem to be emerging:

  1. A (more majestic) monolith - with Phoenix
  2. The middle ground - the Phoenix default with Contexts
  3. The Replaceable Component Architecture - either via PragDave’s method or using Umbrellas

I can see myself using (1) for quick prototyping or the smallest of sites, (2) for most sites/apps and (3) for the most ambitious of projects.

I really love that we have this choice and how they are not really a million miles from each other - in the sense that once you learn them it shouldn’t be a big deal switching between them (something I couldn’t even imagine possible with other frameworks in other languages).

I haven’t really looked at Dave’s components library yet tho, so my comments are mainly about code organisation and separation. All the other benefits are bonuses to me.


I think it’s one of those things that you have to make up your own mind on :slight_smile:

For me the course was invaluable, and I’m really interested to see where his ideas go and can’t wait for his next course to come out.

As I mentioned in the post above, I really would love more experienced people such as José, Chris and Saša to do courses like it - I am sure we could all learn so much from them.

Agreed :003: