Discussion: Building/understanding a time machine

When it comes to the understanding relating to time I like to theorise in one aspect or another. Though I am singular in my thought patterns due to the internet I am able to express and expand my thought through connections. These connections are thought processes shared amongst different humans. Thus allowing the freedom and comfortable to explore concepts considered insane.

I have had this idea around the utilisation of a headset to enable time travel and co-ordination capabilities. It is a far fetched idea but I believe it has some merit.

Why would elixir or erlang in general be suitable for the design of a system as such. I believe mainly to analysis data generated by the mind/neurons a light weight process would be very useful espicially if we imagine the dynamics of thought.

It would be complex since the language would rather act as the main routing system between different systems. There would be a graph database maybe something like dgraph (I showered today, its been a few days). The graph DB will permit a deeper intersection and interaction thus further enhancing the routing system. The router needs to maintain state thus the graph database would enable that.

The main state is rather complicated but that can be achieved through meditation and general machine learning included within cloud systems. GenServers would be responsible for message communication and passing as one is utilising the time system.

When it comes to interconnecting data let us just reference space travel, the film interstellar of which I have not properly watched yet. Once I properly watch and understand that I can further expand on the idea.

I recorded this video further explaining the idea, concept and technology.


The idea is general beyond me. I do not believe I am creating this maybe it has already been created. I do not know this to be true but the idea is present within my mind. If it has been created then all I can I say is I believe I died wearing it. At least I think that to be to the case though unknown to me. I can merely wonder and speculate. This is based on my thought of how I believe the technology can be used.