Distillery, _build/prod/rel/app/bin/app start fails


I am moving to Distillery and Conform for deployment, and have built the production release in a Centos VM.

I have built the production release as follows:

MIX_ENV=prod mix conform.new
MIX_ENV=prod mix conform.configure
MIX_ENV=prod mix release.init
MIX_ENV=prod mix release

and the following commands start the app fine

_build/prod/rel/app/bin/app console
_build/prod/rel/app/bin/app foreground

However, when I

_build/prod/rel/app/bin/app start

the app just fails silently, does not respond to pings and when I

_build/prod/rel/app/bin/app stop

I get the message

Node app@ is not running!

I have no idea what the difference is between start, console and foreground, so don’t really know where to start looking, and there’s no output to give me any idea of what might be failing.

Obviously, I can provide code examples of any of the config files, just tell me which ones you need to see to help.



Can you show the output from the logs?

Would be happy to, but if you mean log files in


It’s an empty dir, no log files in there. So this might be a silly question, but if that’s not the location you mean, where would I find them? I can’t see anywhere else they would be (I have looked :)).

I’ve created a new phoenix app, set up conform and distillery, and can start the app as a Daemon.

Log files are where they should be in …/app/var/log.

Hopefully I should be able to track down the issue now and will post what I find.