Distributed Phoenix release - cannot connect using RELEASE_NAME and short name

Hello everyone,

I am trying to connect multiple nodes, on multiple machines (2 per machines). Nodes are phoenix release

I set the node parameters with RELEASE_NAME, RELEASE_COOKIE

I checked firewall, opened tcp port for 443 + epmd port, DNS resolution.

It seems I cannot connect using RELEASE_NAME and short name, and cannot pass full name w/ RELEASE_NAME. I tried RELEASE_NODE as well…

I am testing with Node.ping. I can ping nodes on the same machine, but cannot ping other machine’s nodes.

It should be equivalent to starting with…

MIX_ENV=prod iex --name n1@domain.ext --setcookie thecookie -S mix phx.server

… but with a release

My questions are…

  • What is the difference between RELEASE_NAME and RELEASE_NODE?

  • How do You pass the full name, not the short name, when starting the release?

Thanks for taking time


The docs are here.

RELEASE_NAME is the name of the release as configured in mix.exs under the :releases key. You need to tweak RELEASE_NODE and RELEASE_DISTRIBUTION.

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Thank You for the response. I missed this part of the doc. I will try and report :slight_smile:

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