Distributed Systems Developer |>Full-time position in Zürich

Introductory paragraph

We create photo-realistic digital copies of the world. From custom camera hardware to rendering on clusters, our journey is an ambitious one. We use Elixir to distribute and coordinate 3D reconstruction tasks written in C++/CUDA, and are looking for people passionate about distributed computing to join us.

About Nomoko

We are a dynamic, youthful startup creating photo-realistic digital copies of the world. We build custom camera hardware which we deploy on drones and other vehicles to capture extremely high-resolution imagery of the world around us … and then turn the image capture datasets into 3D point clouds and meshes for photo-realistic rendering.

The latter is where Elixir comes in: we are building distributed applications which allow us to parallelize the image processing jobs (written primarily in C++ and CUDA) across clusters of machines for greater performance and durability. This is as much an exercise in distributed systems as it is in big data.

My name: Aaron Seigo
My position: Senior Software Developer
Company name: Nomoko AG
Website: https://www.nomoko.world

About the job

Job title: Distributed Systems Developer
Job description: Using Elixir, Erlang and the magic of the BEAM, you will join the image processing team to help build and maintain the image processing pipeline distribution.
Salary range: Zürich-level pay packages, commensurate to experience / education
Position on remote work: Onsite position
Qualifications or experience required: Elixir in a distributed systems environment; joy and passion
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Our distributed image processing systems

About the interview process

Applicants are invited to our office for an initial interview, after which a technical interview is scheduled. You may either present code from previous projects, or participate in a code exercise. If everyone is happy and you feel Nomoko would be a good fit for you as well, then we usually hold one more session where we go into a bit more detail on the company and what we are up to (NDA required at this point), followed by an offer.

Further info

To learn more about this position you can visit the Elixir/Erlang Specialist job page on our website. You can either reach out to me here on the forums by PM with your CV, or send an email via the link at the bottom of the job page link above.