Django & elixir combination

Hello , I am wondering if it’s possible to use Django & phoenix as a backend service??

I already have a Django API deployed using (Nginx + Gunicorn + Postgres database) , and I want to add real-time chat to my app with phoenix , I am doing the right thing here ?

How strong is the coupling between the API and the chat?
Do you plan to migrate everything to Phoenix?

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No, I am not willing to migrate everything to phoenix, I plan to implement another API for real-time communication with phoenix , the trick is how to secure it

Sure. You could look into Pyrlang for creating a communication channel between Django and your Phoenix chat app. I would probably keep all the templates in Django. On the Phoenix server, you would make calls to your Pyrlang node (which would call whatever Django token verification code) to verify tokens for authentication.

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Why don’t you stay with Django? While Elixir is for sure a better fit for a real time chat, I’d really think twice before splitting the code base …

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Other important thing to consider is: Is this just for fun, or for money?
Do you have to pull a team with you?
If its just you / just for fun, go for Phoenix, if not, harder decision.