DMARC changes blocking my emails

I have a simple contact form on my phoenix site. I use Sendgrid to send contact form details to my gmail address. The form simply has a To: , From: , Subject: and TextBody:.

The To: field is set to my gmail address and the From: field is set to whatever the contact enters as long as its valid. When the send button is clicked, the email is sent as configured via Sendgrid. None of the emails reach my gmail address. Not even spam.

I checked my Sendgrid Dashboard and found that all the mails are marked as blocked. Searching google further, I found that Yahoo and Gmail have made some changes to their DMARC policy such that, if a mail is not sent from their facilites, but has the From: field set to either email, such a mail is blocked.

Has anyone faced this problem and how do I get around it.

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Yep. You need to set the from to an address that matches your domain and change the reply-to address to match what the user types in. Otherwise the emails from your site are impersonating the people filling in your form, meaning it’s getting picked up by THEIR SPF/DKIM/DMARC rules.

Sendgrid probably detected the first few spam violations and the stopped delivering to that address to keep your whole domain from getting flagged as a spammer. Fix the form and then look in the setting to see if you need to unflag your address from the spam reports list.


Brightball, thanks to you I’m all good now. Cheers.

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