Do you use Medium for your programming blog?


I’ve used for creating slides for talks w/code on Elixir. Still kind of clunky, I just want to type and hit enter and have it look “ok”, sort of like here.


Medium is bad for programming blogs. They have no syntax highlighting so you either put up with the primitive code blocks or manually embed GitHub gists in there. Even then they don’t read as well as a regular static site generator blog.

It’s a platform made for writing, not technical articles IMO.

Also, needing to load a lot of JS to show text content will always be a bad practice. Just use Jekyll’s default theme or whatever, it works fine.


Hence Nikola, it can do the static site generation, deployment, everything. ^.^
Or Jekyll.
Or a text editor that you then just git push.


There’s been a lot of trashing Medium for not supporting code snippets. However, I think there’s another angle on the @bobbypriambodo post: building an audience. Is there a better opportunity to promote your blog via Medium than building from scratch? You’ll get google search hits either way, but it might be easier to get followers if it’s on Medium. Is the attitude, “I don’t care. I only care that people seeking out my specific topics find me?” or is it “I want to promote Elixir, Phoenix, etc. and get the word out to a wide audience.” (And, if it’s the latter, is Medium the right place, anyway?) Just curious.


I’ve read people mention this before, how does medium help with an audience or followers or anything of the sort? If it is just related to feeds then I do not know of any blogging system, static site or not, that does not put out RSS feeds or more, and as for comments Disqus is probably bigger than any other commenting system currently. And followers, you mean just RSS feeds or so?


Maybe creating an open source blog in Phoenix might be a good project for people to get involved with :003:


It doesn’t necessarily need to be an either/or scenario. I have a hand-made blog built with Jekyll, but I also cross-post lots of my articles to Medium.

Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of Medium, but it’s undeniable that you can use it tap into a large audience if you do things right.

I’m a big believer of “building your own platform”, but still trying to reach people where they are. Lots of people read on Medium, so post on Medium! But don’t be shy to throw in a link to your more centralized spot on the web as well.


I have done a few posts on Medium but recently moved to a self hosted WordPress blog. I like that Medium gets posts more exposure than they otherwise would (well, only if you don’t promote your post), but I absolutely HATE writing tech posts on Medium. Not having syntax highlighting is super annoying. You have to either use their plain pre formatting block or embed a github gist. After making more than a few gists to embed you’ll never want to post on Medium again haha.