DockerHub is missing versions 1.9.3 and 1.9.4

My application build image is based on official image, but recently released 1.9.3 and 1.9.4 do not exist on DockerHub.

Don’t forget to push them, thanks!

The “official” Elixir image is not maintained by the Elixir core team. You can find the repo here and you’re free to make a PR there or ping the maintainer.


Note that it actually takes two successive PRs across two repos to land a new image tag for the “official” elixir image, so you’ll want to follow this PR and this label search:

The latter is the one that actually makes the new tag available to docker pull et al. There are no pending PRs for either 1.9.3 or 1.9.4 on docker-library/official-images yet.