Does anybody have experience with Syn for using it as a process registry?

For my work, I have a typical use case of pubsub and I am checking different process registries. I know pg2 and gproc can be used but I have heard that gproc is bad as a global process registry. While researching I have come across this and according to that benchmark Syn is better than pg2. So does anyone have experience with using Syn and would you recommend me going with pg2 or Syn?

Since I can also use Phoenix.PubSub as it is a seperate app, what are your thoughts on the different registries?

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Syn works well for pub-sub type of things. It works well for global name registry too.

If you already use Phoenix.PubSub and all you need to do is pubsub, I’d keep using it.

Syn can give you some advantages, like ability to give options and then query/filter processes by those options when registering processes. I used it because of that feature. It works well.