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Hello, I am converting a page to liveview; in my controller I have this

          |> put_resp_header("content-disposition", "attachment; filename=#{file_name}")
          |> send_resp(200, content)

I attempted replacing conn with socket but that did not work. Now I understand websockets do not have headers. Does anyone have any ideas for the best approach to this problem?

The solution I’ve come with so far is to hit a Phoenix /export route (non-liveview). The only issue is that when I embed the eex template into my liveview, conn is not available for eex template. To solve that I just passed in the socket to replace conn.

My issue now is this:

invalid CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) token, please make sure that:

I have tried passing down the csrf_token of the liveview parent down to the child every which way possible. Nothing works. Is there something I don’t know?

Not using liveview to do file downloads. Have a link (can be within a liveview page) pointing to a normal controller managed route and return the requested file from there like you seem to already be doing.

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Yep! Update my original post to reflect my current situation. CSRF token troubles :confused:

There is a new talk about file uploading with Liveview…


Have you followed the steps here in regards to setting up your LiveView session and the csrf meta tag? If you do so, then csrf tokens should just work.