Drain_queue function in Oban causes ex_unit timeout

I have Worker to create or update an struct scheduled in 30 seconds

  use Oban.Worker,
    queue: :default,
    unique: [period: :infinity, states: [:available, :scheduled]]

and create a job

def create_later(args) do
   args |> MyWorker.new(scheduled_in: 30) |> Oban.insert()

And I test it

# create struct

Oban.drain_queue(queue: :default, with_scheduled: true)

# get created struct

This is just pseudo code.

I expected, drain_queue will execute scheduled jobs (and there are scheduled jobs I confirmed with all_enqueued function)

But call drain_queue cause ex_unit timed out. it looks like it stuck in infinite loop or something…
Anyone has a any clue for this?? What am I doing wrong?

Just curious are you using the latest version of Oban?

A month ago I witnessed something similar, when running drain_jobs with Oban.Pro workflows, apparently it was a bug that was fixed in a week after reporting it

There is most likely an infinite loop or something waiting indefinitely within your worker.

Try changing your worker’s perform/1 function to a no-op to see if it processes immediately, as you’d expect. You can also use the with_safety: false option to raise processing exceptions or crashes up to the test process to help debug.

Oban version

  oban 2.14.2
  oban_pro 0.13.2
  oban_web 2.9.6

Ok I will check.
But weird thing is that, it only fails on my end. Other team member has no failing test.

original code looks like this, without draing-queue


# get created struct

But the get function return nil only on my end, so I added drain_queue.

If you’re using Pro you should definitely use drain_jobs from Oban.Pro.Testing. It has better defaults, more options, and is designed to work with chunks/batches/workflows in tests.