Dynamic add a class to tr - Solution found!

I am new to Phoenix.
Here is I am trying to achieve.
I have a list and I want to iterate over it and if the row is even add a css class otherwise add another one
For some reason I get

index.html.heex:40:19: expected closing `>` or `/>`

My code

<%= for {user, idx} <- Enum.with_index(@users) do %>
              <tr <%= if rem(idx, 2) == 0 do %> class="bg-white" <% else %> class="bg-gray-50" <% end %>  >

If I put that if in a td it works file.
I have search quite a bit but I can not figure it out.
Thanks for the help.

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Hello and welcome,

You should use something like this with the new heex syntax…

<tr class={if ..., do: ..., else: ...}>

Your syntax is not valid.

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Thank you so much!
I really appreciate it!

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This is the new syntax for html attributes, otherwise You would use <%= %>, as usual.

As a side note, what You try could be done by adding class table-striped to a table element in Bootstrap.

I am quite surprised there is no real equivalent in Tailwind.

This can also be done in CSS.

tr:nth-child(even) {
  background-color: #f2f2f2;

Forgot about the css trick.
I just started learning Phoenix after 18 years of web development with Python/Php/Ruby/Node. Wanted to try something new.
I like it so far but the template system can be improved I think.

Just another approach:

<body class={"fixed-left #{if @current_user do 'login-page' end}"}>