Dynamic data, how would you do it?

Hey all,

So not elixir specific, but I find myself maybe needing to build a dynamic data store. I think I’d happily reach for an OSS offering (elixir or otherwise) but nothing’s jumping out on the old Google searches.

With this in mind I’m having to think about maybe rolling one. I’m sure I’ll need to think about form builders and UI later but for now I need to think about a way of specifying structures and their relationships and somehow dynamically offering rest endpoint for CRUD operations on these.

I’m torn between using SQL and runtime creation of tables/indexes/etc, using mongo or some object store or simply just dumping data into a blob somewhere.

There are some obvious pros and cons to each of these approaches. Of hand I can think of things like having native query plan support, indexes and referencal integrity (which can be a good and bad thing to give to none technical users). As well as potentially leveraging the built in RBAC/authorization or not.

I feel like this should be a solved problem and wonder what you guys have done in this space?


Depends on the load you expect and kind of data you want to store and if you want it to persist or not. Lots of choices.

I personally tend to just use postgresql, bit more setup but it can do everything.