Dynamically create maps for pattern matching

I’m trying to make a macro to do pattern matching on maps but I have a problem.
I have a list of members for my map in the form [key1: value1, key2: value2, ...] where each value is an AST representation of the term.

For example :

defmacro my_macro(_) do
  quote do
    # This variable is dynamically generated and must be inside a quote expression
    members = [a: {:_, [], Elixir}, b: 42]

    def my_function(unquote({:%{}, [], USE_MEMBERS_VAR_HERE})), do: :ok

I am looking for this macro to create the following function

def my_function(%{a: _, b: 42} = args) do
  # Do some operations

The problem is that I don’t know how to inject the content of the variable members into the AST tuple.

Try setting unquote: false as option for quote/2.

It works perfectly, thank you.
Also having variables defined outside of the quote block, I had to use bind_quoted.