Dynamically handle rate-limits

I built a wrapper for an API and I’m handling rate-limits with ExRated but the provider made some changes to their API limits and now some endpoints have different rate-limits, there are some endpoints where I can hard-code the values and pass them to the function that triggers ExRated. The thing here is that each endpoint has different servers for regions, for example, “EUW, EUNE, NA, LA, RU”; let’s say the endpoint I’m having trouble with (specifically this one) is X so, X for the EUW server has a limit of 300 requests / 1 minute, North America has a limit of 270 requests / 1 minute, EUNE has 165 requests / 1 minute and so on with the other ones.

Right now in the wrapper you pass the server as an argument on each function, it’s needed for each requests. I was thinking on pattern matching on each server but I didn’t like that solution since there are around 11 servers, 11 functions? Not good looking in my opinion and these limits can be changed at any time, so at this point I’m looking for a recommendation on what can be a good solution for this. Thanks.