Dynamically list modules OR How to convert from snake case to camel case for modules with all caps

I have a metaprogramming question.

I have some modules in my code base (of course). Some are normal camel case modules (e.g. Abc.Def.Ghi) and some have all caps (e.g. Jkl.Mno.PQR). I want to construct the module names dynamically from snake case strings. This can be done fine with Macro.camelize/1 for the normal camel case modules, but the all caps parts mess this up. To overcome this I was wondering if there is a way to dynamically lookup the available modules so I can find the match ignoring case and use that. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I was hoping Module.__info__/1 would accept a :modules atom to get its sub-modules but that isn’t an option, which makes sense.

Another thought I had was if perhaps I can somehow register these details during module compilation by hooking into the compilation system.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I found what I need in Elixir’s IEx.Autocomplete module, so I’ve copied this into my codebase.

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