Ebert vs Hound - what do you prefer for Automated code review comments?

Dear All,

Greetings. We’re currently evaluating whether we should use Ebert or Hound for automated code review comments for the Elixir code we write for a Phoenix project.

Can you please share what were your experiences with both tools and what considerations did you account for before narrowing down on one. It also will be great to know how has that decision working out for you in your current projects after making the choice of which service to use.

Thank you.

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I did a comparison myself and I’m amazed my the number of engines(https://docs.ebertapp.io/engines/) that Ebert currently supports at a company level when compared to Hound(https://houndci.com/configuration). Both HoundCI and Ebert seem to use Credo for Elixir but given that Ebert has support for many more Ruby specific engines like Reek, Brakeman and a few things related to Code Climate makes me definitely want to give this a spin! I’ve proposed this to the folks at my company, let’s see how this goes :slight_smile:

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