Ecommerce options with Elixir/Phoenix

Anyone know of or used any e-commerce libraries with Elixir or Phoenix? Is there anything like the Ruby ActiveMerchant gem?

Edit: Found this commerce_billing - anyone have any experience with it?

Payment processing library for Elixir. Based on Shopify’s ActiveMerchant ruby gem


I don’t have any experience with that library but it’s at version 0.0.2 and doesn’t seem to be actively developed :confused:

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Rob Conery is working on peach which (right now) is based on the microframework maru.

I would love to see an open source ecommerce platform written in Elixir. The playing field is pretty grim, and I think Elixir/Phoenix would really shine in the ecommerce world. Magento is the heavyweight incumbent and it’s a real pile!

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Same guy who wrote the most popular stripe library for Elixir.