Ecto.Repo.get_by using prefix


I am trying to get the id of a role so I can add it as an assoc:

Repo.get_by!(Role, name: "account_owner", prefix: subdomain)

When I do this I get an error:

field prefix in where does not exist in schema

It seems to think the prefix is a field. I am using Ecto 3.0.1 and it lists prefix as an option for the query. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Try this instead,

Repo.get_by!(Role, [name: "account_owner"], prefix: subdomain)

The prefix needs to be the third argument to get_by!/3. The way you have is the same as doing:

Repo.get_by!(Role, [name: "account_owner", prefix: subdomain])

and Ecto thinks prefix is part of your clauses.


@sjoconnor thank you … worked as expected.

I had reverted to using Repo.Query but this is much cleaner.

Thanks again

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