Ecto type for two fields in database

I have two fields in the database: price_amount and price currency and I use this scheme:

  schema "items" do
    field :price_amount, :integer
    field :price_currency, :string

Can I somehow describe the custom Ecto type, so that it would work with one custom field price instead of two?

Maybe like this:

  schema "items" do
    field :price, Money.Ecto.Type
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As far as I know, Ecto does not support having a type whose data is put into more than one database field.

The following alternative approaches are possible in Ecto and might suit your needs:

  1. Have a special schema/database table that stores Prices, which contains a belongs_to to your items table.
  2. Create an embedded_schema for the Money datatype, and add an embeds_one field on your “items” schema. This will mean that the price will be stored in a single column. The drawback is that it will be stored in a way that might not be easily searchable (in Postgres the jsonb type is used, which might be searchable, and in other databases, the map is stored as a JSON string).

It is also possible to have a virtual price field that is filled in as soon as an Item is fetched from the database, and cast back to the two :price_amount and :price_currency when an item is about to be stored (see for instance prepare_changes).

AFAIK, if the data is in two fields in the database, it needs to be two separate entries in the schema. The schema just maps table columns to native Elixir types.

Thank you.
I thought about json and custom data types in the database, but that’s not the best way to store it.
I think the best way to make abstraction of the virtual price field as you described in the last paragraph.

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If you’re using postgres, you can create new composite type like this:

defmodule MoneyTest.Repo.Migrations.CreateLedger do
  use Ecto.Migration

  def up do
    execute """
    CREATE TYPE public.money_with_currency AS (currency_code char(3), amount numeric(20,8))
    create table(:ledgers) do
      add :amount, :money_with_currency

defmodule Money.Ecto.Composite.Type do
  @behaviour Ecto.Type

  def type do

  def load({currency, amount}) do
    {:ok,, amount)}

  def dump(%Money{} = money) do
    {:ok, {to_string(money.currency), money.amount}}

So in schema, it looks like you want:

  schema "items" do
    field :price, Money.Ecto.Composite.Type

Look here for details -