edbg - trace and debug tool

edbg - A tty based interface to the Erlang debugger/tracer and a supervisor tree browser.

edbg has been around for many years but now the Trace part and the Supervisor Browser part
also works in an Elixir context.

To add it as a dependency, use: {:edbg, “~> 0.9.5”}

See: edbg | Hex

Tracing blurb:

The idea with edbg is to avoid getting drowned in the (often) massive amount of trace output that the BEAM can generate. So what you will see is a list of function calls, forming a call chain, indented according to its depth in the call chain. This makes it easy to identify function calls that may be of interest for a closer study and it is then possible to display the contents of the various arguments to that particular function and the return values.
By working in the terminal, edbg also works well on e.g a Nerves device.

Supervisor Tree blurb:

By invoking the Supervisor Browser from the Erlang/Elixir shell, you can quickly get an overview of your system by listing the running supervisors and digging out various info from them, or any linked process, as well as initiate tracing.