Edeliver after making things work

I have made a phoenix app and deployed with edeliver I can run

mix edeliver ping production

receive response but I don’t know how to access this phoenix app in my browser, what port is running (Have defined 4000) in my prod env,
what do I need to actually see the page working, this is the first time I deploy a phoenix app.

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Moved this to the new deployment section as @bharendt is more likely to see it here :023:

Are you running it behind Nginx? If not, try adding the port at the end of your domain name (ex. yourdomain.com:4000).

You should also make sure to actually start the server! Just set server: true on your endpoint or scroll down that file and uncomment the line, which starts servers for all endpoints. mix phoenix.server does that for you, but you have to configure it yourself when building releases.