Edeliver with CI(Jenkins)

I’d like to use edeliver with CI the following way: once a new push is made, a new CI build is triggered. Once test suite is green, I’d like Jenkins to build releases/upgrades with desired MIX_ENVs. So the idea is that after pushing some changes to github, I get all necessary releases/upgrades already built and stored on the build/store host.

However, from edeliver’s point of view, in this scenario I’m building releases locally, but in fact, I’d like just to skip some steps in the normal workflow like pushing changes to build host(they are already there, in CI).
For example this is output from edeliver build release command:

-----> Authorizing hosts   # not needed
-----> Ensuring hosts are ready to accept git pushes # not needed
-----> Pushing new commits with git to: user@myhost.com # not needed
-----> Resetting remote hosts to git-sha # not needed
-----> Cleaning generated files from last build # not needed, because workspace is recreated automatically by ci
-----> Authorizing release store on build host # not needed
-----> Fetching / Updating dependencies 
-----> Compiling sources
-----> Detecting exrm version
-----> Generating release
-----> Copying release {RELEASE_NAME} to remote release store

When building on CI(which is a store host at the same time) I’d like to skip all but last 5 steps.
Is it somehow possible?


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