Elixir #7 most loved languages stackoverflow survey 2017


And it’s third top paid from the worldwide perspective :wink:
Smalltask is almost most loved? They gotta be kidding.

For me: Elixir is the best language I’ve ever seen in terms of performance, possibilites and syntax.


I think the survey was posted in another thread but yeah, it’s awesome to see Elixir as one of the most loved and highly paid languages out there right now :003:


Smalltalk is amazing and it’s pretty much a given that Erlang (and by extension Elixir) and a host of much more popular languages wouldn’t exist without it. It’s a more coherent experience than pretty much any programming language and platform out there, with a level of interactivity that is completely unrivaled, even by Lisps.

Building a system in Smalltalk is like entering a world and modifying it on the fly. There is no compilation, it’s just you building the world piece by piece, modifying as you see fit. Designing a window can be as simple as spawning one and essentially changing its DNA right then and there.

Live coding is either (programming) conference talk doom or super impressive demo time to most people, but in Smalltalk it’s just Tuesday. There is no fanfare about it, because of course that’s how building a system should’ve been.

There is absolutely nothing about it being almost the most loved language that surprises me, because it really is a marvel of both design and engineering.

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