Elixir and ODATA

Hi all

Our company is using SAP. To communicate to with SAP, I need ODATA, does elixir support ODATA?


Google says something like “currently not, but feel free to roll your own”.

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@kostonstyle I’m in the same pursuit. I found https://github.com/craigp/elixir-odata

Hope it could be of any help!

SAP support aside - in my personal assessment OData is a coupling (i.e. maintenance) nightmare in waiting, and seems to share the same sort of (vendor) motivation that was common during the WS-* (web service deathstar) period. I also find the RESTful claim highly dubious:


I suspect this is a Title resource? What I’m seeing is a web end point bolted on top of the “Title View” acting like an RPC end point that is accepting parameters in the form of a query. Also HATEOAS is a key component of REST - do the results returned actually return links to other resources?

Why not OData?