Elixir Backend Developer at Teamweek - Remote

Introductory paragraph

Teamweek is a fully remote company with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. Bootstrapped and started as a side-product for internal use for the time tracking tool Toggl, we’ve been a profitable independent company since 2017.

We strive to be adaptable, efficient and kind, both in our work and communication with our users. We value transparency and independence. Our people are skilled and highly motivated. Together, we aim to foster innovation and transparency in the ever-changing modern workplace.

We believe we’re building the best product out there for project and task management, and want to empower a team of any size. We know that the only way forward is to embrace the modern ways of working by allowing transparency and flexibility in any fast-paced, competitive field. And by doing that, we aim to become a trailblazer in today’s SaaS market.

About us

My name: Iuri Madeira
My position: Backend Lead
Company name: Teamweek
Website: https://teamweek.com
Country: Estonia
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc): Previously, our API was written in Ruby/Node, and we have migrated it almost completely to Elixir.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Backend Developer
Job description:
Salary range: 48.000 EUR/year
Position on remote work: Anywhere with working hours overlapping 0700-1400h UTC
Qualifications or experience required: The ideal candidate should be experienced with Git, PostgreSQL, Linux, Elixir and Phoenix. Having 1+ year experience in the Elixir ecosystem is a plus.
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

  • Build and maintain our backend applications and our growing infrastructure;
  • Optimize performance and stability of our applications and databases;
  • Experiment with new ways to improve our product and experience as a team;

About the interview process

You will take our online test and if we think you’re a good fit, we’ll contact you.

Further info

To take our online test, go to https://teamweek.com/jobs/backend-developer