Elixir Backend Developer - Seattle, United States (remote)

About us

My name: Fridrik Larusson
My position: President
Company name: Soundlines
Website: www.soundlines.com
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

SoundLines is saving healthcare providers from burnout by building the first truly ambient documentation assistant on the market. No trigger words or interaction with our assistant is necessary: providers walk into the room, start the visit, and forget about the device. Our customers love the product and we’re growing quickly

Our backend is Elixir/Phoenix while our frontend is mostly VueJS and React. We are looking for experienced software engineers who are comfortable owning projects end-to-end, from ideation to release.

About the job

As a back end developer on the SoundLines team, you will use your skills to create a crucial part of the company’s product. In this role you would have direct input into the design and development of our back-end. Our team’s philosophy: Simplicity is hard … and mandatory.

Job title: Senior back end developer
Salary range: $150-200k USD / year
Position on remote work: 100 % Remote
Qualifications or experience required: Native-level proficiency in spoken and written English
2+ years as a professional software developer
What the successful job applicant will be working on: This role will be responsible for continuing to add features to our web app, primarily on the back-end.

We are looking for candidates that have knowledge of

  • Elixir, REST, GraphQL, Postgres, GCP, CircleCI, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Preferably 2+ years experience with Elixir
  • API design principles
  • GitHub operations / management in an Open Source environment.
  • Evaluating tradeoffs when incorporating third party libraries.
  • BS in CS or EE or equivalent.

About the interview process

  1. Short introduction interview (~30 min)
  2. Video interview with President of Technology
  3. 2 one hour interviews with members of our development team, back end and front end.
  4. (Optional) 1-2 week (paid) working trial

Further info

If you’re interested, submit a work resume or CV to fridrik dot larusson at soundlines.com


Hi Fridrik!

Is this position available to US residents only? Would you employ someone from the EU?

Is it strictly back end or would you be happy to take a full-stack developer as well? :smiley:

Lastly, what’s your position on part-time work (specifically 32h/week)?

Having in mind that US wages are definitely higher than EU’s on average, I too think it’s valuable if the job poster is clear on which time zones work for them.


We are open to contractors from European timezones, but require that they are available for meetings in early pacific time zone business hours (~8 - 10 AM PDT)

For full time employees we require them to be US residents and operate on US time zones.

Hope that helps.


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See answer below with regards to EU and US applicants.

We are open to full stack developers.

We are seeking full time candidates.


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Thanks for the clarification! :+1:

This sounds cool. Are you doing any sound processing with elixir? Used to live in Seattle. Wallingford area and u-district.