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Nice. It’s always good to remind people that there’s many ways of accomplishing something. I’ve got a post sitting in my backlog somewhere about golfing down a riff on FizzBuzz to follow the style of a Clojure implementation. I might have to post that soon.


I’ve been working on my Bitcoin node a bit more over the past few weeks. Here are two new posts that (should) finish off the peer-to-peer networking portion of the project:

Limiting Peers with DynamicSupervisor Options - In which I realize that I duplicated a lot of work already done for me by the DynamicSupervisor module, and simplified my code quite a bit.

Ping, Pong, and Unresponsive Bitcoin Nodes - In which I set up a ping/pong cycle and prune dead peers from my connection pool.


Understanding concurrency in elixir


I have recently played around with Phoenix.PubSub and wrote up my findings in a blog post: https://www.pompecki.com/post/phoenix-pubsub/


For those interested in contributing to Elixir, here’s what I learned from my experience :smiley:
How to Contribute to Elixir: A Step-by-Step Guide