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Hi everyone,

In ElixirConf EU 2021 I had the pleasure to talk to you about debugging apps in Elixir - there’s no publicly available recording yet, but loosely based on this article and expanding greatly upon it.

Here is my summary of the event, enjoy the reading!

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Hello! I’ve created a new site, https://staknine.com, focused on deploying with Elixir. My first posts are a 4-part series covering Elixir Releases, Docker, deploying to Digital Ocean, and continuous deployment with GitHub Actions.


We wrote up a post about the best cloud hosting providers for Elixir and Phoenix applications.

Here was our methodology and rating critera:


We conducted extensive research into the hosting options for Elixir and Phoenix. You can deploy to any platform using Docker. However, many hosting providers offer Elixir-specific guides and tools to make deployments easier. These platforms and take full advantage of the BEAM.

During evaluation, we deployed a Phoenix app with a Postgres database to each of the cloud hosting platforms. If available, we tried to deploy using Elixir releases and runtime configuration.

Once our application was deployed, we set up a continuous deployment pipeline from a GitHub repository. Finally, we examined the available dashboard and options for integrating other tools.

Rating Criteria

We assessed each platform in three areas:

  • Ease of Use
  • Available Features
  • Documentation / Support

Did we miss any cloud hosting providers that provide a really enjoyable experience for Elixir developers?


Blogged: Using structs for Oban worker arguments

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Hey guys,

Elixir & Phoenix is still a rare choice when it comes to tech stack in new web applications - I believe (and hopefully you too!) that it should not be the case. That’s why I wrote an article on this topic.

Why Elixir & Phoenix is a great choice for your web app in 2022

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We published a guide on how to set up exception and error monitoring for your Elixir Phoenix application with Honeybadger. Honeybadger instantly notifies you when a user experiences any errors within your app. We set it up in development so you can see how error notifications work.

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For people wanting to learn more about config in Elixir v1.11+, we wrote an article playing around with configuration using config/runtime.exs to better understand how it works, including why you need to wrap your production config with if config_env() == :prod do and end.

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Adding part 4 to the existing posts of mongooseim

After routing and controllers, let us take a few looks at data gathering in an Elixir/Phoenix application. In the fifth part of our website uptime monitor tutorial, you’ll learn about the available data gathering options in the Phoenix framework, how your application can benefit from Quantum and testing:

Building an Uptime Monitor in Elixir/Phoenix: Data gathering


We published a guide to show you how to set up exception and error monitoring for your Elixir Phoenix application with Sentry. Get notified when users find an error in your app.

Get notified as soon as your users discover an error in your Phoenix app so you can solve issues and push updates quicker. A guide to show you how to set up exception and error monitoring for Elixir with AppSignal.

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I wrote a blog post about how to deploy a 32-bit phoenix application onto fly.io. In 32 bit, the puny little 256 MB VMs in the free tier suddenly become a lot more useful.


Just wanted to share my ElixirConf 2021 recap, which I wrote for my company’s new engineering blog:

It took quite a while to get through the corporate legal minefield and there was time spent getting the process in place but better late than never!


We researched the best Elixir error monitoring services to notify you when users find bugs in production. Check out it so you can deploy with confidence and easily manage errors in your Phoenix apps.

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Hey all, I’ve put up a post on how someone could approach writing clients for HTTP json services at the company’s blog (of course we’re hiring, what sort of question is this anyway?)

Shout out to @strzibny who happened to write a very similar post at around the same time (must be Mox season!) and the livebook team for making writing blog posts and solving AOC puzzles even more fun!


Leveraging Ecto functions for data serving in an Elixir/Phoenix application: Uptime monitor in Elixir/Phoenix: Serving the data


If you have bug or you app is not working as expected, your log files may be critical to fixing the issue. We discuss what you need know about logging in your Elixir Phoenix application.

Hi all.

I have started a new project and decided to document my travels on medium.com.

I have usually shyed away from publishing my Elixir work, but figure I would break that habit.

Please note: This is not a finished project, but I intend to use medium.com as more of a journal of my progress and my learnings about one of my favourite video games as a kid.

All the best…


I love both Elixir and Monkey Island. I started working on something similar for another game, but then came life… So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride!

Cool… thanks… which game were you looking at?

I don’t have a heap of time to dedicate to it… lets see what happens.