Elixir Code Editors & IDEs 2017 - which one are you using? (Poll)

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It’s been a while since we first asked this, I wonder if things have changed much… please let us know which code editor or IDE you are using and if possible, your set-up and plugins used too.

  • Vim
  • Gvim
  • MacVim
  • NeoVim
  • Emacs
  • SpaceMacs - Evil Mode
  • SpaceMacs - Holy Mode
  • Sublime Text 2
  • Sublime Text 3
  • Atom
  • TextMate 1
  • TextMate 2
  • IntelliJ
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Rubymine
  • Other

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Picked my current primary editor… But it’s close to a tie between Atom and Vim, and I’ve started looking at IntelliJ :slight_smile:


recently switched to visualstudio code from atom


Why the switch?


Atom is very good and has best plugins so far, but it’s like to crash often. Vs Code doesn’t have that good plugins, but it’s smooth and light. I tested also IntelliJ 14 with plugin and it’s very dissapointing. Maybe 2016 version will be better, I’ll test that tomorrow. After all the best IDE so far is Atom.


actually atom was not responding well . crashing in the middle and so on . i think vscode is lightweight and so far pretty happy with it.


@AstonJ It would also be good to know what OS is being used along with these editors


@piyushcoader yup, same poor experience with atom, hence choice of sublime-text 3 (on Windows 10). Also looking @ VSCode


We’ve got an OS related thread here, but yeah, I think we can post a 2017 version of that thread with poll too :slight_smile:

Which options shall we include?


(Don’t think we need to specifically mention the others as they can be mentioned in the thread itself…)


I’ve picked pure emacs, since it is the one I do prefer for erlang and elixir coding, but I do use IntelliJ and Atom for many other languages as well. I’m not very happy with Atoms crashes I do encounter more and more every day, but it is part of our toolchain at my office and some of our CI/review processes are automated in there via plugins my boss wrote.

For emacs I do use the config you can find on GitHub. It is a work in progress though, and I am progressing only slowly, since it is aimed to be portable between the systems I do use.

Except from the raw sources of the configuration I do also provide some PDF and HTML of the config. Which I do not update after every change, but only occasionally.


Interesting to see so many folks using Spacemacs! I’m really interested in learning it, but I’m finding it hard to find good learning resources. I keep finding vim and regular emacs stuff, which is helpful, but not quite enough to get me over the hump.


Have a look at our wiki Chase:


That’s what I love about this form. :slight_smile: Thanks Aston!


ST3, with the following plugins:

“JavaScriptNext - ES6 Syntax”,
“Laravel Blade Highlighter”,
“Material Theme”,
“Material Theme - Appbar”,
“Material Theme - White Panels”,
“Monokai Extended”,
“Oceanic Next Color Scheme”,
“Package Control”,
“Pretty JSON”,
“Pretty YAML”,
“Rust Enhanced”,
“Text Pastry”,

I keep looking at Spacemacs, but I just don’t have the time to actually get work done, and learn a new editor :frowning:


Sadly the vscode plugin lacks some features


Atom when doing a project, Sublime when doing quick changes. The Atom plugins are really good.


For those of you using SpaceMacs, do you use it for pretty much everything? Or just your Elixir projects?


Everything. It has great layers for all the languages I’m interested in and piggybacking on Emacs really is the best way to go.


It’s interesting how much the results differ from this poll, apparently without any reason. I just noticed it, because the number of Vim users is so vastly different.

Am I overlooking something?

EDIT: Probably because the poll I linked to explicitly called for text editors. Still, interesting range.


Pretty much everything now. I ‘was’ a heavy VIM user, however Spacemacs has amazingly hit that near perfect balance between VIM and Emacs, I’m quite amazed at it. ^.^