Elixir community for Spanish speakers

Hello everyone.

I wanted to inform you that I am trying to create an Elixir community in Spanish.

And the forum just has been opened: https://foro.elixir-lang.es/

The intention is to create an Elixir community for all Spanish speakers.

Initially I wanted to translate all the official documentation, but due to lack of time I decided to start with a forum.

And depending on what the users will request i will try create content like free courses and tutorials to help all people who want to start with Elixir and motivate them to use it.

Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

P.S. I was not sure in which category to leave the post.
Sorry if the category is incorrect.


Don’t even try…

A couple of years ago, I tried to participate in a translation project for POVray documentation into german language. Even if upstream changes of the documentation were often small, we as a team of 10 people were unable to keep up with them, not to say that we not were able to translate missing content fast enough to have noticeable progress.

But I appreciate your efforts in general to provide a native community for spanish speaking people!


Thank you for sharing your experience with the translations :slight_smile: .
I will keep it in mind, and probably will be a better idea to create tutorials or articles to help people start with elixir.

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This is an approach that works much better, at least thats been my experience over the course of the last 5 years, where I moderated a german ruby community.

Official documentation probably does not make sense. Also because it is embedded in code of Elixir itself, so you’d have to translate that, keep up with code changes etc.

Better IMHO place to start is Inicio · Elixir School - where part of the job is already done. If found it easier for native speakers to read such guide in native language. The code reference and official documentation may remain in English. You’ll need to know English to program anyway, but more of a guide style or books things benefit greatly from being available in local languages.

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Yep, It’s exactly what I’m doing :slight_smile:
Elixir School is a good place to start.