Elixir core team members: Please add the word "Deprecated" to the documentation of a deprecated function when called through h/1

First of all I want to say thanks to all of the Elixir and Phoenix core team members including Jose Valim and Chris McCord, whose constant struggle and dedication made the current status of Elixir and Phoenix possible, a language and a framework which are both the most joyful to work in and with all of the benefits of the Erlang and more, and for the first time a community which is as vibrant as Ruby’s community, and even friendlier than Ruby’s community. I salute you guys!

When I need to get documentation for some function, I love to type h ModuleName.function_name(), and I get the doc for that function, which is so much better than opening a browser tab and googling or going to hexdocs.pm.
For example the following,

I’d love to see the word “Deprecated” added to the name of the function, or a deprecation warning above the actual doc, if the function is actually deprecated. Fr example the above deprecated function (HashDict.new()).

Thank You!


@deprecated and @since attributes introduced exactly one month after I asked for a deprecation warning in docs while accessed through iex.

Thank You, @josevalim and other core team members!