Elixir Developer at Appchance (Poznan, Poland)

Do you love to constantly sharpen your technological axe? Perfect! You will be crafting blazing fast and super scalable backends for mobile, and web apps. Our team is focused on delivering quality solutions, and you will be vital part of it. You will have an opportunity to work with and taste fresh technologies, we have no time for boredom.

My name: Klaudia
My position: HR Manager
Company name: Appchance
Website: www.appchance.com
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):
We are an experienced design & development studio specializing in creating mobile applications, Ruby on Rails apps and responsive web design. We carry out various projects, where we adapt our process, technology and design to the desired result.

Job title: Elixir Developer
Salary range: 3500- 8500 PLN net + VAT

What are we expecting?

at least one project Elixir + Phoenix delivered into production (not necessarily commercial)
fluent usage of Elixir standard library
knowledge about SQL and Ecto
elementary knowledge about OTP
familiarity with REST and GraphQL
being able to think in functional programming way
writing clean, reusable and testable code (ex_unit, espec)
previous web experience with other platforms (e.g. Ruby, Go, Python) is favorable
constant-learning attitude
paying attention to detail insistence on adhering to good programming practices
familiarity with Agile methodology
good command of English, allowing you to easily communicate with our clients (B2)


implementing business logic in a clean, testable way
creating API for core logic (it could be HTTP, sockets, webhooks or even CLI)
abstracting access layer from business layer
delivering your code into the production server
preparing extendable, adaptive cloud environment, which would meet changing requirements
developing and maintaining internal modules and open-source used across company
providing meaningful testing implementations
sharing knowledge, mentoring less experienced team members
learning everyday to stay on top of industry trends


experience in working with mobile clients
being able to craft CI and CD process involving containerization technology and cloud solutions
experience in SPA frameworks e.g. Ember, React&Redux

What are we offering?

competitive salary 3500-8500 net +VAT (B2B) or 3000-65000 gross (UoP)
perfect ecosystem for raising your qualifications
code reviewing, pair programming, periodically review meetings
working in complex, diverse projects for both domestic and foreign clients
versatile bench - our team comprises programmers, graphic designers, people with Venture Capital and agency experience
Luxmed health care
Multisport card
flexible working hours
friendly environment

Send us your CV to: