Elixir Developer @ Uptrend Tech (Full-time, Remote)

Uptrend Tech is looking for a full-time, remote Elixir Developer.

About Us

My name

Benjamin Nelson-Weiss

My position

Lead Elixir Developer (of 1 and 1/2 Elixir developers, inclusive)

Company name

Uptrend Technology, Inc.


https://uptrend.tech (placeholder site)

Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc)

Uptrend Tech is a small (3 and 1/2 developers), 100% distributed software development company based in the US. We specialize in partnering with businesses to design and develop web applications, generally using Phoenix-based APIs and React.

We’re flexible about when you work as long as you’re getting your hours in and you can make it to meetings. We’re also serious about maintaining a good work/life balance and we make a deliberate effort to try to schedule things so that there is no reason to grind yourself down working long hours. That said, we can’t promise that there won’t ever be a long week or two when we need to hit a deadline.

We collaborate primarily through Slack and other tools, with voice meetings whenever we need more bandwidth, particularly during design phases. Development is often coordinated through a combination of Github, Slack, RealtimeBoard, and whatever other tools a particular project might demand. We also do a lot of non-work chatting on Slack.

About The Job

Job title

Elixir Developer

Job description

Maintain existing Elixir APIs, participate in design process for and implement new features and APIs, some DevOps.

Salary range

A starting salary of between $65K and $75K.

After an initial trial period on contract:

  • US employees will receive healthcare including eye and dental, short and long-term disability, and an education and equipment allowance.

  • Foreign contractors will receive an education and equipment allowance.

Position on remote work

100% remote. Being located in the US is a mark in your favor, but not a requirement.

Qualifications or experience required

We’re looking for somebody self-motivated who can come in, become acquainted with our codebases and style, and soon after be comfortable enough to begin participating in the design process and implementing features semi-independently. In a smaller team time spent supervising is time not going to development, so we try and keep supervision to the necessary minimum.

Attention to detail and code quality is crucial. If the project schedule allows it we want you to take your time planning, implementing, and testing rather than rush out a flawed solution. We’ll make a deliberate effort to make sure you have that time.

You should be comfortable collaborating with a team, both technically (with Git and GitHub) and personally (asking questions, explaining decisions, reviewing code, politely giving and receiving criticism), and be willing to interact with non-technical customers. You must be able to speak and write English well. You must be able to attend meetings during the PST (UTC-8) workday.

Some experience with Elixir, functional programming, and system architecture is important to get up speed quickly, but less experience in any of these isn’t a deal breaker. You must, however, be willing to learn- even when doing so takes you out of your comfort zone.

We suspect that we’ll be more likely to find these qualities in somebody with several years of professional software development experience, but we will consider otherwise strong candidates with less.

What the successful job applicant will be working on

You will be helping to maintain, improve, and expand Elixir APIs for our existing projects and develop new Elixir APIs for future projects.

About The Interview Process

You send an email to jobs@uptrend.tech telling us a bit about yourself, personally and professionally.

Include a resume or CV if you have one, but at the very least let us know about your experience programming, and particularly your experience with Elixir. Do you have code we can look at on GitHub? Link us. Are you comfortable working in other languages? Let us know. Do you have any experience with DevOps? Tell us about it. Fill us in on some of the projects you’ve worked on. What went right? More importantly, what went wrong and why?

If you have questions for us include those too.

We may go back and forth a bit on email, then if we think you’re a good candidate we’ll schedule a time when we can talk on Skype or similar and make sure you’ll fit in with the team.

If you do fit in you’ll start out on contract for a trial period before being hired if you’re in the US or contracted longer term if you’re not.


We have filled this position.