Elixir Engineer at Sketch - Full-time remote position

Introductory paragraph

Sketch is a product that helps designers and developers across the world to create, prototype, collaborate and turn their ideas into incredible products.
We are looking for full-time experienced Elixir/Phoenix engineers that can apply the best practices and techniques to our Elixir backend and take full advantage of Erlang/OTP properties.

About us

My name:
My position:
Company name: Sketch
Website: https://www.sketch.com/
Country: Based on the Netherlands but no office. Full-remote team distributed across different countries.
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):
Our Sketch collaboration web platform is based, among other things, on a Phoenix backend with a GraphQL API based on Absinthe. Our cloud data is persisted with a SQL database. Most of our code involve synchronous requests but we also make use of GraphQL subscriptions based on Websockets.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Engineer
Job description:
Contribute to the Elixir backend, using the best practices and techniques of the language in order to take full advantage of Elixir and Erlang/OTP scalability and resiliency properties. Also help other junior Elixir developers to improve their technical skills through code reviews, peer-programming sessions, and other coaching practices.

Salary range: Competitive salary
Position on remote work:
The company is full-remote as well as this position. There are no offices. Most of the backend team is located in European timezones and it’s important to us that most working hours are overlapped across the team, so we are looking for engineers with no more than five or six hours of timezone difference.
Qualifications or experience required: Deep knowledge and solid experience building Elixir/Phoenix web applications during the last few years

What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Developing new features and bugfixes in the Elixir/Phoenix API. Working on GraphQL API improvements regarding security and performance. Helping other junior colleagues to get better knowledge and apply the best practices for Elixir development.

About the interview process

Our interview process is usually based on one or two written chats through Slack. Most of our daily communication happens in Slack so we use a similar method for the interviews. During these chats, we know each other and discuss some technical topics related to the job and the product.

Further info

A detailed description of the job can be seen at https://www.sketch.com/jobs/elixir-engineer/.
Also, any application is expected to be done through the button located on that page.


This is so cool - I love Sketch!! In fact our design for this forum was created in Sketch :003:

Good luck to everyone who applies :023:


That’s great to hear and thank you.

I’m not directly involved in the recruiting but if anyone has any questions about working at Sketch or wants to know a bit more about what we do then please feel free to ask or DM me.

The short version is that it is a great company to work for, the work is fun and interesting and we have lots of plans for what we want to do.


Nice one Simon! Whereabouts in the UK are you btw? I’m in Wales, about half hour north of Cardiff :003:

Could you share what kind of stuff Sketch are doing with Elixir please? I wonder if you could perhaps do a blog post and post in (or write something up in our) #community:showcase-adoption section? :smiley: Would be cool to hear what Sketch are using Elixir for :slight_smile:

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I’m oddly close… I’m about 30 minutes south of Bath in a village near to Frome. We really should try to meet up at some point. Maybe with people like Tetiana and Keith from ElixirCards who are in Wales too.

I should be able to get something written up. Give me a few days and I’ll see what I can do.


Ah nice! And yeah we’ll have to! I’ve actually never been to Frome but hear it’s very nice. Bath of course is a beautiful city. They used to have a Bath Ruby conf I think, maybe we can arrange an Elixir one :003:

I had no idea Tetiana and Keith were in Wales! Do you know where in Wales? There are only two other Elixir people I know in Wales, one is not on the forums and the other is @carlosarli :smiley:

That would be awesome, thanks! I am sure lots of people will be interested in learning how you’re using Elixir at Sketch :023:

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A South West Elixir conference (or just meet-up) would be good. There must be people in or around Bristol too. Maybe!

I’m not sure where Tetiana and Keith are (they did tell me but it was during a conference and I had a lot of things floating around in my head).

Leave the blog post with me…

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Always love to see this, who are we competing with is the question :slight_smile:


Especially for international remote work, what does competitiv salary mean?
I’d love to do something like this, but being swiss i might not find it competitiv at all, as everything here is utterly expensive but salaries also high…

If you’re interested then why not apply and let them know your expectation in the covering letter? As a company they’re realistic about what people need based on geography, current earnings, experience, etc.

I am not directly involved in the recruiting so I can’t speak formally for the company but you never know until you ask.