Elixir/Erlang Developer Opportunity

Inflowmatix (www.inflowmatix.com) are developing pioneering technology to investigate pressure transients and flow instabilities in water supply networks. We use Elixir and Erlang extensively and we’re looking for smart dedicated developers to join our Southampton office or remote. If you are interested if helping us grow, tell us why and a little bit about yourself and your BEAM journey.


Nice to see another British company using Elixir :003: also looks like an interesting way to be using Elixir, perhaps you can blog about how you’re using it?

I am sure this sounds like a very enticing opportunity to a lot of people here me included :slight_smile: I think everyone would appreciate having a bit more information on the positions and your hiring/interview process. Even knowing such basics as would one have to change their name to “Will” or “Paloma” would help :slight_smile:

Sure, we will be more vocal in the community soon. We (Inflowmatix) host a local Elixir meetup at our offices each month (https://www.meetup.com/elixir-soton/) and my colleague Tanya (Tetiana) has presented at numerous conferences.

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Hi adre1sk, thanks for the feedback. We are looking to find an Elixir/Erlang developer with skills in OTP and enterprise level application building/designing/architecting. We would like initially to see what projects people have been doing with the BEAM and also see what levels of overall application development experience (predominantly backend server-side) they have, either through online profile/project/open source or through other means we can look at. We would then invite the person to chat with us (online most likely) for about an hour and then if we find that’s a good fit for all, we would invite them to meet the wider technical team here in Southampton (Electronics, Mechanical, Firmware, Testing, Front-end) for a better two way look. The position could be remote, provided that we can get to meet up in person every 1 or 2 months too and that they are an EU citizen who has their own company (or umbrella company) with whom we can do business and they take responsibility for their own tax affairs in their tax jurisdiction(s). Inflowmatix will not have an office presence in other locations (not for a long while anyhow).



Thank you for very detailed answer.