Elixir For Beginners (Udemy/self-published)

I fear in your world we wouldn’t have seen brilliant screencasters like Ryan Bates - the guy’s a legend :stuck_out_tongue:

I get what you’re saying when money is involved though (but nobody’s at risk with this Udemy course - they have 28 days to get a refund).

Everyone has their heroes.
Mehran Sahami and Charles Severance for me :slight_smile:
Look at this stuff

It’s so chicken :pizza: so soupy :strawberry: smooth :tomato: with candy :art: nomnomnom :doughnut: :joy:

A refund doesn’t fix any problems.
Just got Programming Elixir 1.2 “To illustrate this and to lay the foundation for a lot of Elixir programming,
let’s start reprogramming your brain”, see this author has the right idea, I like him already, hopefully the execution is as good :slight_smile:

I’m sure he’s a very nice guy, and maybe cos it’s late here - but his voice is piercing and I couldn’t sit through much of that :lol:

Just out of interest, what’s your background?

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Is this case a restaurant is a pitiful analogy. The course was free.

It’s more equivalent with your neighbor who happens to run a restaurant offering you a hamburger with a smile at no cost… after which you proceed to write 100 some odd lines across multiple posts about how horrible it tasted with a 10 point bullet of everything he did wrong.

When someone asks you how good your hamburgers taste your answer is, “I can’t cook.”

As this is literally the first material I’ve found that goes into any level of detail with Elixir, I give them not just credit but my gratitude as well.

I am severely, severely, tempted to open a restaurant and start serving some water with lemons, seeing how many willing customers there are :innocent:

I’ll make a one week promotion with FREE water with lemons servings!
Then I will show everyone how popular my restaurant is, with so many customers!
After all, if 10 000 people enrolled, it must be good ney?
And oh… all the “I give them not just credit but my gratitude as well” reviews I will get!
After all, why would anyone write a bad review for a free serving? :cry:
I’m going to be such a popular cook! It’s going to be amazing :blush:

Here’s a sample of my work.
It’s going to be a course with 30 servings, one minute each. :sunglasses: I hear students like it short and simple.

Loops with recursion.
loops in Elixir are differently from other languages. In JavaScript, one would write:

for(i = 0; i < my_array.length; i++) {
my_array[i] = my_array[i] * 2

But in Elixir

defmodule EpicRec do
def print_it(msg, n) when n <= 1 do
IO.puts msg

def print_it(msg, n) do
IO.puts msg
print_it(msg, n - 1)

Don’t feel obligated, but I would appreciate it if you press the Like button for this free sample :heart: Thanks!