Elixir for Programmers (PragDave)

I definitely agree. This course is a must buy. I’ve been working with Elixir for the better part of a year now and the first half cleared up 90% of the stuff I was still struggling with.

Hell, the explanation of how the = operator works in Elixir, how it enables pattern matching and how it’s different from other languages was alone worth the price of admission in my opinion.

I’m excited to get to the latter half of the course as, from what I hear, it gets into a lot of the architectural things that really interest me about Elixir. Mostly how you can split apps into multiple components. I’m already working on an umbrella app but I’m interested to see how Dave does it.

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That’s why I really liked this course, gave me new perspectives on how I should split my code.

I have one suggestion for @pragdave not even really related to the course but is it possible to use a video player where I can control the playback speed? I would like to be able to go through the parts I’m familiar with on 2x and slow down on others.


I currently use Vimeo, and for some reason they don’t sorry it. Instead, I use a chrome plugin to do variable speed playback.

I’d be happy to look at alternatives if y’all have suggestions.



I’ve seen some places use Wistia and it seems pretty nice.

And good idea about the chrome plugin, can’t believe I didn’t think of that earlier.

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Whoo hoo!! I’ve finished it! Loved it! :lol: Here’s…

###My review

If you’ve been following the forum lately, you’ll probably have noticed a number of threads I’ve started that were inspired by this course. For someone like me, who’s transitioning from the old ‘monolith’ way of doing things, this course is simply invaluable. It contains so, so many eye openers. I’ve actually lost cout of the number of times I was (very pleasantly) surprised by what Dave had to say - and I think you will be too.

While this course also covers the basics of Elixir, the real treasure here is how Dave approaches software development using it. He’s known for his views on programming languages and software architecture to be shrewd and visionary, but here you get much more than that; you get his expert opinion on how those best practices, all those ideas he’s amassed over the years, can be applied to this wonderful new language called Elixir… If you’re anything like me, you’ll be bursting with excitement because he seems to answer that burning question that so many of us have asked ourselves while developing in other languages - that surely there is a better way?

Well, there is. And Dave is just the man to show you. This isn’t just a course about Elixir - this course may well change the way you develop software forever… it has certainly had such a profound effect on me.

I love this course, and I really do think you will too.

10/10 :049:

Here are a few points covering specific queries you might have:

  • This is very much a video course. 99% of the content is video - the text on the page is usually below the video to recap what you saw (which is very handy!)
  • Dave encourages (practically forces you!) to program along - and it’s FUN!
  • Every now then Dave talks into the camera directly. I love this. It makes the course feel very personal and almost like he’s there with you. It genuinely feels like he’s your personal instructor and you definitely feel closer to him after doing this course (testement to his fine teaching and interpersonal skills!)
  • He uses Phoenix 1.3
  • He uses Phoenix in somewhat of an unorthodox way, that just ‘makes sense’
  • He talks about Phoenix Contexts (but not in the way you might expect! Haha!)
  • And much much more…



Thank you so much for that, and for all the positive feedback along the way.

I’ve just thrown away my second attempt at creating the next course which (among other things) integrates Ecto-based services into this pattern of component-based development. I’m just about to do the mix new on the third attempt, and if I run true to form this one should be the one!

Thanks again



That’s awesome Dave! I was actually in the middle of writing you an email to ask whether you would include Ecto (amongst other things, haha!) into a future course. Once I’ve put my thoughts down I’ll fire it off to you :003:

Thank YOU once again not just for this course, but your book and everything else you have done for Elixir and the community - you really are a star and we’re extremely lucky to have you :049:


Oh please, a Coupon Code :smiley: … It´s $60.00 not $40.00 :frowning:

Sorry that was the introductory price… I’ve changed the graphic in the first post now…

Is there a coupon for this Thanksgiving / Black Friday sales season for the course, @pragdave? I feel like I should buy it. I also feel I’ve spent too much on books and courses today already.


Yeah, I’m 100% going to get this if someone has a coupon code.

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If there isn’t a discount offered then I’d definitely recommend picking it up when you can afford it. I completed it last week after spending a few evenings working through it and it’s very, very good.

I’m hoping that attempt #3 at a follow-up course is going well.

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@pragdave just discounted Elixir for Programmers by 50%. Get it while you can!


Thanks @pragdave! Bought your course.


That’s awesome!!

Funnily enough I emailed him a while ago asking whether he’d consider such an offer… and when @hubertlepicki’s post above jogged my memory I went to check and realised I sent it to the wrong email address, duh :icon_rolleyes: :icon_redface:

I actually suggested $30 as I believed that would prove irresistible :044: Anyway I re-sent the email earlier and he’s replied saying he’s up for giving it a go :003: so get it while you can!!! You won’t regret it :blush:

Thanks Dave!! :purple_heart:


Instabuy - great job on promotion :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, picked it up and looking forward to working through it soon.

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Great news, thank you for the offer Dave :v:
Does the project covers tests ? i saw there’s a chapter referring to it but not quite sure it it’s just an overview or something more.


Awesome. Buying it now.

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I couldn’t resist after the good reviews Just got mine.

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