Elixir for Programmers, Second Edition (PragDave)

Cool, as I figured out back then, the DIR stands for the current working dir.

I think technically it’s a macro that returns the present working directory.

Yes, you are right. I have missed to include the explanation. :slight_smile: Sorry for that.

Maybe I missed where Dave installs a particular version of Phoenix, but if you go the latest version of this course, you will need to study up the new directory structure for the latest version (currently 1.7). Not too hard to get working, but still be prepared for that…

The Elixir, Erlang and Phoenix versions I used in my docker stack while following the course:


I just completed this course up to the Phoenix section and wondering if it will soon be updated for Phoenix 1.7?

I’m putting a pause on continuing with this course in favor of starting off the bat with learning Phoenix 1.7 on the free tutorial at https://www.productiveprogrammer.com/ … but I’m really missing Dave’s perspective and hoping there will be an update for the course?

I have done this course and updated the code to use Phoenix 1.7.2, here it’s the code

Hope it helps


What are other good courses on Elixir/Phoenix?