Elixir for technical interviews?

As I learn more about development in Elixir and Javascript, I come across a new question. In a technical interview where you’re asked to solve a problem on a whiteboard is it better to use Elixir, or a more commonly used language for interviews such as Javascript?

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Interview depends on job and expectations of business company from you And they will controll interview in that line. If they want you work on elixir, they expect a elixir solution.


Elixir and Javascript doesn’t have the same objectif, unless You are asked to do node.js backend server.

  • Elixir is for Backend
  • Javascript is for Frontend

Maybe the job is for fullstack developper, You will need to show skills for both.

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I like to get creative. Talking to a Go shop, someone asked me to solve a problem with binary trees. I showed them a Haskell solution. It opens up a conversation about using the most appropriate tool for the job vs treating a single tool as your golden hammer.


I’ve been told the big companies prefer either C++ or Javascript, whileas most will let you use what you want unless the job is for a specific language (If you wanted to be Android App developer then prove you know Java, etc).

I’d think that could easily come across as someone trying to BS their way thru an interview.


If that’s the impression the interviewer gets, then it’s up to them to follow up with: “now contrast with a typical imperative solution”.

Some companies are looking for the candidate who’s been doing a single tech for many years, others are more interested in someone with a breadth of experience.