Elixir Forum Update - 2018!

I would class those as basic account activity - not personal details such as names/addresses/telephone numbers etc, which data protection laws are designed to protect.

Just a quick update to say you can now get 20% off ANY Pragmatic Studio course - whether Elixir or not - just use coupon code “elixirforum” :023:



Dear Moderators, Sponsors and other community members of Elixir Forum,

I just wanted to say thank you for your continued participation as part of this Forum. The moderators and other community members are doing so much good work via this forum that I believe it really becomes more welcoming for every new person who joins the Elixir community.

I made an attempt to talk about how I benefitted from platforms like Elixir Forum etc., in a talk that that I gave at Code Beam SF 2018 titled - Learning Elixir Better Through Collaboration and Giving Back.

My learnings here helped me become better at Elixir as a beginner to the language. Thank you once again to the moderators, sponsors and all other people involved(directly/indirectly) in this forum for their continued contributions here :slight_smile:


Having recently finished reading Programming Erlang by @joeerl, which was a superb book, I felt compelled to check out Elixir and Phoenix. I’m now halfway through Programming Elixir by @pragdave, and I’ve just started on Adopting Elixir by @bgmarx, @josevalim and @redrapids, as well as Programming Phoenix by @chrismccord, @redrapids and @josevalim. I would like to give a shout-out to these authors for writing such excellent books.

I haven’t been this pumped about programming since I first discovered Python and then Ruby many years ago. I’m looking forward to learning, contributing to the community and (with some luck) starting to use Elixir in my own field of commerce and retail, where there is much room for improvement.

Thank you to the people behind this forum for doing a great job in facilitating for the community and to the sponsors for giving us some great deals! See you all around :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words!

Dave, Joe and José have been tremendous influences on me as well and I have enjoyed writing with Chris and Ben tremendously. I am putting the final touches on the next of our beta chapters as we speak!



You’re very welcome! Perfect timing with the next few chapters, as I’m soon through the first part. It’s been great so far. I’m sorry for spamming your errata page; I used to do technical book reviews for Pragprog and O’Reilly, so I can’t help myself.


Are you kidding???

Spam us! We rarely have that careful a review.



Will do! :grin:

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Great work.

BTW, what kind of server does this forum run on?

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Our 2019 announcement is coming soon :slight_smile: